Spring 2017 Class Note

Each graduating class at Lehigh has its own Class Correspondent, and this individual writes a “Class Note” to be shared in Lehigh’s Alumni Bulletin in order to share the happenings of their class. I was elected Lehigh’s newest Correspondent for the Class of 2020, and I recently wrote my first column. I’d like to share this on my blog as well:

Any Lehigh student can recall how large the transition to college was. At the end of August, we were thrust into an unfamiliar world away from home with new classes and classmates. Our first semester at Lehigh has been a time of unfamiliar experiences as we transform into college students.

The Class of 2020 hails from a total of 29 different countries across the globe, and we’ve already started to make connections with one another that will last throughout our four years at Lehigh. In just a few months, I’ve already met so many of its 1,249 outstanding members. Within the first two weeks of our first semester, the Class of 2020 voted for its Class Officers. I am truly honored to represent this class as Class Correspondent.

Over the past few months, I have received the chance to work with a few special, hardworking, and motivated individuals. The Class of 2020 Officers are tasked with promoting the Lehigh Fund and unifying the class. By promoting the Fund, we ensure that Lehigh’s academic, extracurricular, athletic, and other programs have the money that they need to properly serve Lehigh students. We also organize events and programs to unify the class. For example, we recently hosted a dinner at The Goose for all first-year students; no other class at Lehigh has accomplished this in its first semester!

William Pemberton, the President of the Lehigh Class of 2020, is a student in the College of Business with a planned double major in finance and accounting. His role as Class President is to represent our class and oversee the class officer group. William is also involved in Investment Management Club, Finance Club, and Accounting Club, and he is excited to serve the greater Lehigh community over the next four years.

Our Vice President of Marketing is Julia Florkowski, a marketing major that works to communicate class activities to the Class of 2020. She is also involved in No Lost Generation and Catholic Ministry Club. So far, Julia’s favorite part of Lehigh is the sheer volume of resources available to students, which allows each student to thrive and create the best version of themselves possible.

Michael Brodsky is a Finance major and our Vice President of Unity, working to establish camaraderie within the Class of 2020 through class events. When he is not working on Class Officer duties, he is either eating, sleeping, or participating in Best Buddies & the Finance club. Michael is looking forward to beating Lafayette three more times during our time at Lehigh!

Serving as our Vice President of Giving is Marvens Jean, a biochemistry and molecular biology major in the College of Arts & Sciences. His role involves coordinating events and strategies to promote the Lehigh Fund. Outside of the Class Officer program, Marvens is a part of Pre-Medical Club, enjoys hanging out at on-campus cafes, and is already making friendships that will likely last beyond his four years at Lehigh.

All five of us are excited and ready to serve the Class of 2020 to the best of our ability. Exciting things are already happening within our class, and I cannot wait to see what will be accomplished in the next four years.